Boundary Survey - The purpose of this survey is to establish or document
    the perimeter of a parcel or tract of land and locate fixed improvements upon
    the land.  Internal improvements may be omitted depending on the required
    use of the survey and needs of the client.  Sometimes called "Mortgage
    Surveys" when required by a bank for mortgage loans.

    Topographic Survey - The location of existing features in a specified area to
    relate both horizontal and vertical information (contours, spot elevations, etc).

    Construction Sequence Surveys - These are often required for
    construction or building additions by local governments.  These surveys can
    include (but are not limited to) Boundary Survey - Site Plan (proposed
    additions added to existing boundary survey) - Construction Stakeout -
    Formboard Survey - Stemwall Survey - Final Survey.  As always, this will be
    tailored to the clients needs/local requirements.

    As-Builts and Record Drawings - Determining the final location of new
    construction and/or improvements.  This information is then compared to the
    proposed plans to ensure the construction matches the proposed
    improvements or is within specified guidelines.

    Record Plat - Preparation of a plan or map of a piece of land for recordation
    in the public records.  Often used in the preparation of subdivisions and
    communities but can also be required when combining or subdividing lands
    within a particular municipality.  Plats must first go through the "platting
    process" on the city and/or county level and are then recorded as legal entities
    within the county public records department.

    Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) - Preparation of the form to remove
    either a structure, parcel or portion of a property from a Special Flood Hazard
    Area.  If successful the result will be the removal of that piece and it's eligibility
    for less expensive Flood Insurance (Preferred Risk Policy versus Standard
    Policy) or not needing Flood Insurance at all (could still be required if a Lender
    is involved).

    Right-of-Way - Determines the right-of-way boundaries for a particular route
    or area.  Examples of such could be for a roadway or utility (above or below

    Title Survey - This encompasses a boundary survey that has had a title
    commitment prepared for it.  The results of record search is then added to the
    existing boundary survey by various means.

    ALTA/ACSM - A national standard for boundary surveys, often used by large
    banks or organizations operating across multiple states to ensure a standard
    for their surveys.  This survey may or may not include a title commitment.

    FEMA Elevation (Flood) Certificates - A national form designed by FEMA to
    related elevation information on structures.  Often required by municipalities or
    insurance companies.

    Property Line Staking - Similar to a boundary survey except without a paper
    survey.  The product is limited to the re-establishment and physical marking of
    a property line on the ground.

    Construction Stakeout - The setting of physical markers to depict the
    location of proposed improvements so that constructed items are placed in the
    proper location.

    Hydrographic/Bathymetric Survey - Determining the condition of terrain
    under the water.  Examples of such are lake banks, canals, ponds, beaches,

    Mean High Water Line (MHWL) / Coastal Construction Control Line
    (CCCL) - The determination of the limit of private/public ownership of water
    boundaries (lakes, rivers, ocean, wetlands) based on state law.  Also used to
    determine the limit in which certain types of construction can occur on a piece
    of property.

    Condominium Survey - The Survey and preparation of documents used in
    a  Declaration of Condominium Recordation.

    Quantity Survey - Obtaining measurement necessary to determine the
    quantity of soil, rock, fill, etc, within a defined area.  Includes the calculations
    required to determine this number.

    Control Survey - The placement of horizontal and/or vertical position data to
    support future surveys or construction.

    Sketch and Descriptions - The preparation of legal descriptions of a parcel
    of land for ownership/rights transfer.  It includes a sketch of the description for
    visual purposes.  Examples of such could be selling/buying a portion of
    property, easement creation or combining separate parcels into a single
Land Surveying Services:
Civil Engineering Services:

    Storm Water Management Design - Determining the needs of your site or needs.

    Water Distribution Systems - Designing or reviewing the infrastructure related to
    the delivery of water to your site or property.

    Sanitary Sewer Design - Designing a system to transporting sewage from your
    site or property for treatment or disposal.

    drainage of your property to take into account roadways or parking areas and the
    stormwater requirements of your local community.

    Utility Route Design - Planning and designing the optimal route for a particular
    utility (above or below ground) so that it meets its required purpose.  Examples
    could be Fiber optics, electrical conduits, waterline, sewer, etc.  Based on the
    routes selected or required this can also involve the preparation of plans/permits
    for Jack and Bore designs, directional bore designs, etc.

    Construction Observation - Monitoring ongoing construction to ensure that it
    meets the required parameters as required by the designer/municipality.

    Lift Station Design - Determination of the optimal location for lift stations based
    on local constraints and the preparation of plans for the construction of these

    Earth Work Calculations - Determining quantities required for site
    construction/development based on existing and future topographic conditions.

    Quantity Takeoffs and Cost Estimates - Determining the costs of materials and
    labor for a particular project based on the known items involved with the proposed
Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE):

(John A. Grant, Jr., Inc (JAG), employees have obtained OSHA
HAZWOPER certification and are versed in FDOT Intermediate Work
Zone Traffic Control procedures.)

    The SUE process includes designations for underground utilities as defined by
    the FHWA for SUE services and conforms to the American Society of Civil
    Engineers (ASCE) Standard CI/ASCE 38-02 for the collection and depiction of
    existing subsurface utility data. SUE is an engineering process utilizing
    state-of-the-art technology to identify, characterize and map underground
    utilities prior to excavation and design of new structures or installation of
    new underground assests. JAG provides all levels of SUE.

    Quality Level D:
    The most basic level of information is obtained,requiring a search of all
    reasonably accessible utility databases.

    Quality Level C:
    This level requires a visual inventory to ascertain the general accuracy of
    the plans obtained during the Level D phase. The visual inventory may
    include, but is not limited to, above-ground infrastructure associated with
    utilities such as manholes, valve boxes, utility poles, etc.

    Quality Level B:
    The level in which geophysical methods are employed to designate the
    existence and horizontal location of utilities within a project area.

    Quality Level A:
    Vacuum excavation is employed to safely expose utilities, providing an exact
    three-dimensional location and positive identification of the utility. This
    level provides for the visual verification and measurement of precise and
    vertical positions of utilities.

    Vacuum Excavation:
    A non-destructive method for obtaining detailed information on underground
    utilities and objects such as: size, configuration, condition & vertical

    The procedure begins with cutting a small hole into the ground surface. Then
    extract the spoil and safely expose the target. After information is
    collected, a full restoration is completed. Upon request a summary of our
    findings is produced and provided to the client in a specified format.
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